Mink- Trend of the season 2021-2022

Mink- Trend of the season 2021-2022

This year mink is back in vogue in vertical leather processing.

The trend brings us back to the Cortina furs of the 90s in natural colors such as 'brown', 'pastel' and bleached also called 'honey'.

Lenghts are maxi with a wide fit and hood, to match the high boot and a contrasting glove.

The most interesting version of the mink is the 'black cross': a more precious variant thanks to its natural 'design' - the dark line of the fur that divides the garment in regular bands, creating a unique design.

While directly from American farms we find the 'Blackglama' variant, renowned for being a brighter, softer and more silky fur to the touch.

Discover the HEVA mink collection.

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