Sable - The Excellence of Furs

Sable - The Excellence of Furs

The sable comes from the eastern lands, its use has been renowned since ancient times.

To cite a source:

"In the past, high-ranking Mongolian commanders used the fur of Russian animals to make 'shuba' (coats) to show off as a sign of wealth and power. It is curious to note that these 'shuba' were worn in a very particular way: first a 'shuba' was put on with the fur facing in, to keep warm, and then another with the fur facing out, to show it to everyone.

This custom was also borrowed from Russian princes and boyars, along with many other things that they adopted from the Mongol-Tatars. The crowns of the Russian tsars were also trimmed with fur, as was the Mongolian tradition. "

In the modern world, the sable is the symbol of luxury: it contains all the beauty, softness and lightness of fine hair.

At HEVA we offer multiple proposals of sable coats and 100% double cashmere garments combined with this fur.

Discover the collection.

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