The great ecologic solution

The great ecologic solution

In the last decade, the concept of 'real fur' has been demonized in the fashion system.

For a short time this new trend was necessary to improve fur farms and make them safer and more advanced.

In fact, thanks to the Saga Furs certification in collaboration with WelFur, a new concept of real responsible and sustainable fur has been created - starting from the well-being of the animal and ending with recycling and ecology in the breeding system in farms.

Currently, more and more researches show that real fur is the most ecological solution because it is biodegradable, sustainable and recyclable.

Let's just think about the durability of real fur - many furs look great even after 20 years and can be easily remodeled by tailors.

The same thing certainly cannot be said of synthetic fur: highly polluting (plastics deriving from petroleum), unsustainable since it follows the multiple trends of each season (so we tend to buy many in a short period of time), it has a duration of maximum two / three seasons as it tends to be damaged easily and cannot be refurbished.

Furthermore, it is a hypocritical attitude to demonize real fur for all those who regularly eat farmed meat. The farms of consumer animals are in fact much less controlled and more bloody than those of fur animals.

Our advice from HEVA is to buy only certified furs from responsible farms or to re-model your furs to give them a new use.

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